Accredited Interim Minister



Worship  and sermons feel to me like a grand conversation celebrating a people's life together. Sunday weaves together sermons, music, stories for all ages, poetry, prayers and meditations. Each of these  elements, expressing the worship theme, engages our many ways of thinking about and encountering the world and the sacred.


Sermon Links

Charge to the Minister and Congregation: Video of the October 14, 2018 installation of the Rev. Michelle Buhite as Minister of the UU Church of Amherst, NY (Charge begins at 8:34)

Touchstones : Audio  of November 1, 2015, sermon for the UU Church of Canton, NY. The touchstone I used in my family's jewelry business was part of an acid-test kit like the one in the black & white picture.

Harvest and Earth: The People’s Climate March : Audio of September 21, 2014, sermon for the UU Church of Canton, NY